Eight Fall-Inspired Cocktails

 UPDATED November 1st, 2017 Fall is quickly approaching, and while you're getting back into the swing of things like school, shopping, and packing away all your summer favorites, you might need to chillax and have a drink. Stir up one…

Astrology Diet: What Your Zodiac Sign Says You Should Be Eating

UPDATED September 19th, 2017 Could your zodiac sign be driving your diet habits? What makes you a picky or adventurous eater? Or why are you good at cooking certain thing over others? Yes, astrology and your zodiac sign may be driving the direction…

Flirt Like A Libra: 8 Things To Master From The Zodiac’s’s Expert Social Networker

UPDATED September 6th, 2017 Being a social network genius is in a Libra’s astrological blood.  Party planners of the Zodiac, Libra’s love having friends. They take joy in marinating in their social networking skills (which they deem very…
10 Ways to Serve Macaroons at your Next Event-SliderPhoto

10 Ways to Serve Macaroons at Your Next Event

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UPDATED June 17th, 2017  Catherine De Medici is said to have brought the macaron to France when she married Henry II. True or not, the French have embraced these airy confections and made them synonymous with fine dining everywhere. There…
10 Beatles Songs that are Perfect for Kids-SliderPhoto

10 Beatles Songs That are Perfect for Kids

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 On May 8, 1970, the Beatles released their last studio album, Let It Be. It was the end of the Beatles as a group, the end of the First British Invasion Era and, some would say, the end of Rock-n-Roll as a musical…

Get Real: 6 Reasons You No Longer Need Cable Services

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Still have cable services? Read on. If you’re addicted to TV, you’re in good company. On average Americans are watching 32 hours of TV a week, according to Nielsen’s Q3 2015 Total Audience Report. That’s a lot of time spent watching…

The Subtle Art of Writing the Perfect Thank You Notes

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Never underestimate the power and elegance of a thank you written down on stationary. Perfect thank you notes are material evidence that you are genuinely thankful for a present, a favor, or for walking your dog when you were in the hospital.…

10 Guilt-Free Super Bowl Snacks to Wow a Crowd

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Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, which means lots of football talk, lots of diehard fans rocking their favorite team jerseys, lots of money spent on 30-second commercial spots, and above all, lots of delicious game-day food. And if you’re…

Wedding Cake Ideas for the New Era

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Wedding planning can be a fun, but it can also be a lot of work, especially if you are trying to create an event that represents who you are as a couple, and will accommodate all of your guests, your goals and your budget. There are a ton…