10 Unique Ways to Make a Fried Egg

Cooking your old egg standard just got all the more innovative.  Whether you like fried egg or baked, you’re probably aware that your humble egg routine also has impressive health credentials. As long as you’re not avoiding eggs due to…

Brunch Patrol: 8 New Ways to Elevate Your Eggs Benedict Recipe

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Anyone who cooks brunch absolutely has to have a great eggs Benedict in his or her arsenal. There's nothing more decadent than this heavenly stack of English muffin, ham, poached eggs and rich Hollandaise sauce. Sadly, unless you want to fast…
Tostihuevos en Salsa Taquera-SliderPhoto

Weekend Cooking: Tostihuevos en Salsa Taquera

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Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but it’s also my favorite. I feel that a good breakfast sets the tone of your day so I try to make it festive, fun and with lots and lots of spice. Sunny side up eggs, or huevos…

How to Make Poached Eggs—an Idiot’s Guide

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Have you always wanted to know how to make poached eggs but you're one of those cooks who considers it a success when her hard-boiled eggs are edible? This super healthy, super versatile version of eggs has a reputation for being best left…

The Infernal Breakfast: 10 Ways to Make Deviled Eggs

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November 2is Deviled Egg Day so why not use it as an excuse to try a few different spins on the hard-boiled egg turned hors d'oeuvres classic? Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” So we found some…

Eggstraordinary: 15 Baked Egg Dishes Great for Any Meal

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On October 10we wish you Happy World Egg Day. Established in 1996, the International Egg Counsel (IEC) named the second Friday in October as a day to promote eggs for their nutritional benefits. According to the IEC, “World Egg Day is a…

Get Egg-cited! 15 New Ways to Make Your Huevos Now

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Are you ready to get egg-cited? You should be, because we’re about to take your relationship with this protein-rich food to the next level of deliciousness. “The greatest of all our foods, the egg combines beauty, elegance, and simplicity,…
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Eggs & Tortillas in Tomatillo Sauce

This easy recipe for eggs and tortillas in tomatillo sauce makes a great hearty breakfast. You can also serve it with salad and crusty bread as an alternative brunch option. Although the heat of the serrano chilies are tempered through the…

Weekend Cooking: Avocado Inspirations Part II

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Editor’s Note: Here are some great brunch ideas including an avocado version of a Bloody Mary. Known to many as the “Breakfast Queen of Chicago,” Ina Pinkney definitely knows her way around the kitchen and satisfying hungry morning…