Sweet Truth: The Low-Glycemic Sugar Alternatives Update

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Given the continued rise in diabetes and obesity in our country, health experts advise that the public understand the body’s glycemic response to foods—as well as the myriad sugar alternatives out there. When sugars are added to food during…

15 Diabetic Warning Signs Every Latina Mom Needs To Know

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According to the CDC, diabetes affects over 29 Million people in the United States and approximately 1 in 4 people don’t even know they have it. The number diagnosed increases every year, including 208,000 people under the age of 20 who…
Diabetes Friendly Ideas for Holiday Leftovers-MainPhoto

Diabetes-Friendly Recipes for Holiday Leftovers

Editor’s Note: Living a healthier lifestyle and finding diabetes-friendly recipes can become more of a challenge when the holidays roll around. So Mamiverse Food met up with Chef and Author Leticia Moreinos Schwartz for some inspiration…