Corn on the Cob Redefined

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Corn on the cob brings back childhood memories of barbecues and summer family gatherings. We’d get special permission to stay up late and count the stars as they emerged from the dark blue blanket of sky above us. These days, I’m often…

Do I Make You Corny? 10 New Corn on the Cob Ideas

Neither a vegetable, fruit, nor a root like a potato, corn is a type of seed much like rice. The corn plant is native to Mexico, where it grew from a variety of wild grass called teosinte. Corn has been farmed since 7500 B.C., and as its growers…
Hearty Beef & Vegetable Soup-MainPhoto

Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup

Every morning, when the kitchen staff arrives, they follow the same routine. Part of that routine involves putting the caldo (soup) on. We make this caldo fresh every morning and by one o’clock in the afternoon, it’s always gone. We have…
Tamal Secrets From the Experts-MainPhoto

Tamale Secrets From the Experts

During the holiday season, tamales are a must in any Latin household. This is the time when the mamis and the abuelitas go all out and make tamales that turn the neighbors green with envy. As a matter of fact, I still remember my friend Elena's…

Spicy Corn on the Cob (Elotes)

I’m a huge fan of the street food found all over Mexico and have been known to just wander, filling up all day without setting foot in a restaurant. Even street vendors in Los Angeles sell corn freshly roasted, slathered in mayonnaise, and…
Presley-Father's Day Grilled Corn Salad-MainPhoto

Father's Day: Carne Asada & Grilled Corn Salad

With the summer months blazing upon us, I like to get outside and fire up my grill. From time to time I will grill a bounty of vegetables and meat then keep them stored away in the fridge to use for salads throughout the week. You can bet…
Rodriguez-Corn Cake with Fruit & Whipped Cream

Sweet Corn Cake with Fruit & Whipped Cream for Mother's Day

My Mami has never had much of a sweet tooth. She will indulge in a few buñelos over the Christmas Holidays or maybe a slice of cake on birthdays. She prefers savory over sweet when it comes to after dinner treats.  With Mother’s Day approaching…

A Stellar Holiday Side: Mexican Corn Pudding

This recipe, rich, creamy, and luxuriant in corn goodness, transforms humble, unassuming ears of corn into a luscious dish that pairs amazingly well with roast chicken, mole poblano, even a simple, sizzling steak. But, better's a…
Grilled Arepas with Farmer’s Cheese-MainPhoto

Grilled Arepas with Farmer’s Cheese (or Queso Blanco)

It’s not only nostalgia that makes me love arepas; it’s also their versatility! These corncakes are hugely popular in many forms in my native Colombia and neighboring Venezuela (among other places) and have now actually caught on in many…