Out of Town: How to Spend the Winter Holidays in Your Bikini

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Sure, when it comes to the winter holidays there is something charming and festive about a white Christmas. Snow falling outside your window, warm sweaters and curling up in front of a fire while you sip hot cocoa all seem like appropriate…

The New Family Tree: Modern Christmas Tree Decorations to Try

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The holidays are all about tradition but that doesn't mean you can't modernize your Christmas tree decorations. Make 2015 the year you spruce up your spruce and create a photo-worthy tree with flair. There are tons of simple and inexpensive…

Out of the Box: 10 Ideas for Holiday Cards that Aren't Cards

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Does the idea of sending out a million holiday cards by mail cause you extra stress so you simply don’t do it?  For others, skipping sending actual cards is a way of going green because paper is litter and destroys trees. People who grew…

Libation Love: 10 Christmas Recipes for Eggnog to De-Scrooge Your Holidays

Eggnog is a staple at many holiday gatherings, and we have some Christmas recipes that will take your nog from standard to spectacular. In some cases it is the simple addition of different spices and in some recipes we turn your eggnog into…

Make Santa’s Day with These 5 Christmas Cookie Recipes

For many families, cookie recipes are just what holidays are all about in addition to one or two special dishes that make the holiday meal. Without those special treats, the lights don’t shine as bright, carols sound off key and everyone…

Hearty Christmas Party: Roasted Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese Dip

This savory cheese dip recipe features the classic combo of earthy broccoli and rich, tangy Cheddar. Like most cheese dips it's best devoured immediately after it's prepared, while the sauce is piping hot. Be sure to use mild Cheddar in…

Creative & Clever Baby Gifts for Christmas

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Baby gifts are awesome for the very simple reason that babies are fun to buy for. First of all, they need everything and second, the stuff is just so darn cute. Baby won’t realize its Christmas or even that they’ve received a gift, but…
5 Bible Verses That Celebrate the BIrth of Jesus-MainPhoto

5 Bible Verses That Celebrate the Birth of Jesus

How often have we heard the phrase, “Christ is the reason for the season.” To help remind us of why we celebrate Christmas, here are five key Bible verses that celebrate the birth of Jesus. My family likes to read these together on Christmas…
Mamiverse 2013 Toy Guide for Christmas-SliderPhoto

Mamiverse Toy Guide for Christmas 2013

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With a slew of new toys on the market every year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. Here’s a round-up of our favorites for Christmas 2013, from techy innovations to hands-on learning and creative games. From Smurfs to Power…