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Attention Tension: 10 Misconceptions about ADD in Children to Dispel Right Now

No one loves to talk about ADD in children. Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are often called hyper-troublemakers, and when their condition is undiagnosed, they’re often labeled dumb or lazy in adulthood. There is no blood…

Good Cop, Bad Cop: 10 Ways to Re-Think Your Disciplining Style

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No one wants to be associated with bad parenting, right? You’ve mastered the art of the one-handed diaper change. You can pump while you prep dinner or draft a work email, or both. You can anticipate your child’s moods, needs, bowel movements,…

Real Talk: 15 New Ways to Teach Your Kids About Gratitude

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As the holiday season approaches there are many things to look forward to—and teaching gratitude to kids should be high on that list. It's a time of year to gather with family, to treat yourself to a slice (or two) of apple pie, to relax,…

Sorting it Out: 14 Ways to Help Your Kid Get Organized at School

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Raise your hand if your kids need classroom organization tips to get squared away for school. As the academic year progresses, you’ve probably attended a parent/teacher conference and heard both the good and not so good about your kid. If…

Doh! 10 Ways to Cope with Getting Caught in the Act by Your Kids

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Ask anyone who has children and they probably have a story about being interrupted in THE ACT. Talk about destroying the mood! We know sex between partners is normal but, how parents caught in the act should explain it to children is another…

Staying Sharp: 14 Ways to Keep Your Kid Learning During Winter Break

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Believe it or not, winter break will be here before you know it. Your kids could probably tell you the exact number of weeks, days and minutes until vacation begins. To them, winter break = a break from school = FREEDOM! But as a parent, it's…

The Greater Good: 15 Co-Parenting Strategies After a Divorce

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Whenever we hear that someone is getting divorced, the first question on everyone’s mind is: What about the children and how can we get at the most effective co-parenting strategies after a divorce? While it is understood that a divorce…

From Golden Delicious to Gala: 15 Lessons Your Kid Can Learn Just from Apple Picking

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Autumn is really an incredible season. From the falling leaves to football, the chill in the air to warm cider—it’s the perfect time of year for family fun. It’s also the ideal time to for apple picking. Why should you? Scholastic says,…

Trend Setting: 10 Halloween Activities to Try Instead of Trick-or-Treating

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Are you desperate for some Halloween activities for kids that aren't trick-or-treating? Depending on where you live, letting your kids go trick-or-treating at night might be scarier than all those goblins and monsters running around on Halloween.…