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10 Reasons to Donate During the Holidays

UPDATED November 7th, 2017 Looking for reasons to donate money, time or needed items, during the holidays? Here are 10 good ones! Read Related: How Volunteering Helps Build Empathy It’s not you. Sometimes, it takes seeing…
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15 Quotes on Charity and Giving

Though we traditionally associate charity and giving with the holidays, our help is needed year round. Whether your charity of choice is your local homeless shelter, an international childrens aid group or an animal welfare or environmental…
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Holiday Gifts That Give Back

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When it comes to buying for the holidays, gift giving can be a stressful process. This year, consider holiday gifts that give back—those that go to help organizations or causes important to the recipient.  St. Jude Children’s Research…
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6 Simple Ways to Help Those in Need

During the holiday season, we often think to help those in need, but don’t seem to have enough time, let alone energy, to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. To make it easier for you, the following are seven simple ways you can give…
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How Accepting Charity Changed My Life

Accepting charity can be a hard thing for a woman to do. But when you’ve got kids to think about, there is no room for pride. Only four Christmases ago, I was a single mom. I was also broke and on Food Stamps due to divorce and the unmerciful…
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St.Jude: Building Hope from a Promise

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Danny Thomas was a struggling comic in Detroit with a young wife and family. As he worked to make a name for himself, he visited a local church and prayed for guidance. “Help me find my way in life,” he promised St. Jude Thaddeus, “and…
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5 Ways to Maintain the Spirit of Giving All Year Long

The holidays inspire us to open our hearts to the spirit of giving to others who have less than we do. But what happens after December 25? The homeless still need hot meals, children still get sick, and animals still need to be adopted. So…