Aggressive Driving: How to Wrangle Your Road Rage Once and For All

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Every motorist has either been guilty of aggressive driving or been the victim of it. Most of us have been on both sides of this dangerous, but ever more common, situation. Increasingly distracted drivers on increasingly congested roads are…

From an Uber Taxi to a Lyft Ride: How to Get Around Now

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Uber taxi has single-handedly turned the traditional cab industry on its head and completely reinvented the way we get around today. According to a recent study by the Technology Policy Institute, "Uber was launched in 2009, and by mid-2014…

Back to Basics: Rules for New Moms on the Art of Car Cleaning

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Car cleaning may not seem like such a big deal until you have kids. Moms know just how quickly children can transform your perfectly detailed interior into something resembling a war zone in a third world country. Yes, you're going to have…

17 (annoying) Ways You Probably Drive Like a Girl

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We’ve all heard people joke about how women are bad drivers. It’s a stereotype based on...well, we don’t really know, actually. Some research shows that a woman driving is in fact safer than a man! Specifically, a University of Michigan…

10 Reasons to Take a Spontaneous Weekend Road Trip

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When someone asks you if you’ve got any fun plans for the weekend and all you can think of is mowing the lawn, catching up on paperwork, and organizing your’s definitely time for a spontaneous road trip! Leaving all that behind,…

Lady Rides: 10 Things Your Dream Car Says About Your Take on Life

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Women are not born with a minivan gene. They long for style, comfort and even speed, just as men do. In fact, left to our own automotive fantasies, we dream of cars without baby seats, smelly soccer gear and crushed cheerios dusting the cushions.…
Take the Wheel A Woman's Guide to Car Shopping-MainPhoto

Take the Wheel: A Woman's Guide to Car Shopping

It's one thing to have buyers remorse on an overpriced pair of shoes. But making the wrong decision on a vehicle purchase could cost you more than dollars. Car shopping brings on varying emotions. For some, overwhelming excitement leads to…
How to Find the Car that’s Right for You-MainPhoto

New Car Shopping Guide: How to Find the Car that’s Right for You

The average American keeps a car for 11.4 years. It could be the economy, it could be brand loyalty, and it could be an aversion to pushy salesmen. And with the average cost per auto approaching $30,000, it pays to spend some time considering…