By Sharing My Cancer, I Replaced Fear with Hope-MainPhoto

By Sharing My Cancer, I Replaced Fear with Hope

When I asked my mother, she said, “de esas cosas no se habla.”  We don’t speak of these things. Little did I know that telling her about my breast cancer diagnosis wouldn’t be the biggest trauma of that day. I called her in Puerto…
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Death of Talia Joy Castellano

Talia Joy Castellano was a 12-year-old adorable cancer patient last year when she came out with a frank and heartbreaking video – which eventually became a YouTube hit – predicting she would die within a year. On Tuesday, her prophesy…

My Close Encounter With Skin Cancer

You know how when you are young you think that the bad stuff only happens to other people? You believe you’re immune and immortal, and are sure the advice parents give is just to “pop our bubble” or “rain on our parade”? Well, that…

Refusing to Be a Victim of Cancer

When I think back, there was a time when I was literally obsessed with the thought of cancer. The day my mother shared with the family she had been diagnosed with cancer, I remember telling her, “I love you with one breast or none.” I…

Raising Testicular Cancer Awareness

Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer among men 15 to 35 years old, but it can also affect younger boys and older men. For reasons not yet understood, the incidence of this type of cancer has increased considerably in recent…

The Soy Debate: Miracle Food or Misinformation?

Soy, once limited to traditional Asian cooking, is showing up in all types of products marketed as a “healthy alternative”—soy milk, soy yogurt, soy pudding, mayo, burgers, cream cheese, protein bars, cereal—you name it. And many…
Maite Perroni: Cancer Can Come Knocking on Your Door

Maite Perroni: Cancer Can Come Knocking on Your Door

Mexican actress and singer Maite Perroni recently joined Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign, to encourage Hispanic women to grow, cut and donate their hair to benefit cancer patients. Pantene Beautiful Lengths was created in 2006…
Famous Latinas Who Have Battled Cancer-MainPhoto

Famous Latinas Who Have Battled Cancer

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 Cancer does not discriminate. Actresses, models, singers, beauty queens, television personalities…the list of celebrities who have battled it always seems too long. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we honor…

It’s Hip To Go Pink! The Coolest Breast Cancer Awareness Products

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among Latina women in the U.S. The reason for this somber statistic is that breast cancer is more often diagnosed at a later, more advanced stage in Latinas than in non-Hispanic women. That's…