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Money Matters: How to Properly Handle Peer-to-Peer Loans

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In today's economy, instead of looking to banks, more people are seeking alternatives like peer-to-peer loans, crowd-funding or family and friends when they need to borrow money. If you're not a one-percenter — and 99% of you aren't —…

Loot Patrol: 10 Ways to Have Better Money Habits

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If you're trying to achieve better money habits, it all comes down to playing hardball with yourself. First it takes recognizing episodes of emotional spending, years of an unkempt bookkeeping and an unwillingness to save.  If you pinch a…

7 Rocking Honeymoon on a Budget Ideas

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Did someone say honeymoon on a budget? If you’re getting married then you are probably counting down the minutes until your wedding. Sure, you’re excited about the actual event and you’re thrilled to be married, but let’s be real,…

Tips for Filing Your Tax Return Last Minute

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If you haven’t yet filed your 2015 federal income tax return, you are probably starting to feel the pressure; perhaps you’re even starting to panic a little. After all, the filing deadline of April 15 is only days away. Hopefully, we can…
Where to Turn for Free Tax Help-MainPhoto

Where to Turn for Free Tax Help

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Tax time is hard upon us. If you haven’t yet filed you’re not alone. Tax laws have become more complicated and in a tight economy, you don’t want to make mistakes. For those who are struggling with complicated forms and unclear about what…

The Art of Using Frequent Flyer Miles to Travel the World

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In 1981 American Airlines offered the first Frequent Flyer miles program and pretty soon hotels, rental car agencies and credit card companies got on board too. There was a time when it was fairly easy to use your miles to travel for free,…

Money Maven: 6 Budgeting Tips to Get Your New Year Started Right

If there was ever a time for budgeting tips and money help, here it is with the holidays and New Year upon us. The New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions; we resolve to work out more, read more, clean out the junk room and with the…

Digi-Budgeting: 10 Great Money Managing Programs to Keep Your Cash in Check

Has all your holiday spending got you wondering about the best personal finance software? It's definitely not as fun and exciting as an Xbox or an Amazon Fire Stick, but finding the right money management program to help you manage your household…

Critical Illness: 10 Things to Consider When Choosing Medical Insurance Plans

Health insurance under Obamacare is in its second year and millions of Americans are heading back to healthcare.gov to update their plans during open enrollment. Even if you're satisfied with your existing plan, the White House is encouraging…