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An Emergency Account: The Most Important $500 of Your Life

UPDATED November 15th, 2017 Everyone needs to have an Emergency Account with at least $500 in it to deal with the various little emergencies that spring up. No matter how well you plan or how organized you may be, life is unpredictable. Something…

Falling in Love: 10 Romantic Autumn Getaways that Won’t Break the Bank

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UPDATED November 1st, 2017 If scorching heat and crazy crowds are not your thing and cheap travel is, a great autumn getaway might be just the thing for you. Fall vacations can be just as relaxing but easier on the budget than summer getaways,…
Wrap Yourself in Style Affordable Fall Coats

Wrap Yourself in Style: Affordable Fall Coats

UPDATED November 1st, 2017 Autumn is officially here, the days are getting shorter, and the temperature is dropping. While saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet, jacket weather is a fashion bonanza. After three months in hibernation,…

20 Grocery Store Products You Don't Need to Buy at Whole Foods

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For years Whole Foods has been the go-to grocery store for healthy eating because of its incredible selection of organic, ethically sound products. Organic groceries are almost always a little more expensive no matter where you shop but Whole…

How to Create an Investment Portfolio Like a Total Boss

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Apparently putting all your eggs in one basket is not what investors with experience do when creating an investment portfolio. Experts agree that these portfolios, or collections of assets, can be less of a risk in in the ever unpredictable…


Summer is in full swing but if you’re like many Americans you still haven’t pulled the trigger on your travel plans.  According to the U.S. Travel Association and the Project Time Off study, Americans left 658 million vacation days…

The Art of Buying Affordable Wedding Dresses

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Stylish, fabulous and affordable wedding dresses are out there if you know where to look. Even if you have thousands of dollars to drop on a dress you'll only wear once, there are so many better places to invest your hard-earned cash. So here's…

Strategizing Gift-Giving Season: Gift Ideas & Tips for Total Success

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Fall is officially in full swing, which means the holidays are quickly approaching and before you know it you’ll be knee deep in gift ideas and giving madness. Take a hint from the changing leaves and changing weather—now would be a really…

Ace Your Space: 7 Affordable Furniture Brands that Aren’t Ikea

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Decorating your home with affordable furniture is no easy task. It requires time, creativity, patience, vision, passion and some really great products. Before you plan to dip into your savings account, we’ve got good news for you: it can…