The Best Plus Size Lingerie for the Curvy Girl

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UPDATED May 31st, 2018 Plus size lingerie is getting sexier all the time; there’s no reason the curvy girl can’t pull off even the sexiest silhouettes. Part of the myth behind French women’s sex appeal is that they always wear lingerie,…

Wrong for a Thong? 10 Ways to Tell if Your Booty Makes the Cut

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UPDATED June 17th, 2017 We believe that every woman reserves the right to feel great in a thong swimsuit if that’s what she really wants to wear. If you’re feeling confident and ready to rock out with your buns out, go for it! However,…

10 Reasons to Bring a Kettlebell into Your Fitness Routine

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Incorporating a kettlebell into your fitness routine isn’t simply holding this cast-iron weight in front of your chest and doing squats, lunges or arm curls until you can’t take it anymore. And this kind of “weight lifting” won’t…

8 Ways to Get Waisted: How to Get a Smaller Waist

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How to get a smaller waist—the million-dollar question. “Slim waists have been the mark of attractive women throughout history,” said the U.S. scholar Dr. Devendra Singh in an interview with The Guardian. And these days with cinch corsets…

Laying it Down: The Best Sleeping Position

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At the end of a long day do you sometimes feel like you could sleep anywhere? You could fall asleep at the kitchen table, on the bus, on your kid’s floor, or even on the toilet. But the best sleeping position has an impact on how you’ll…

10 Things We Love About the New Barbie Dolls Collection

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Barbie dolls' proportions have been a bone of contention for ages, blamed for presenting an unattainable ideal of beauty to generations of girls and wreaking havoc on their body image. In 2015 Mattel unveiled the first phase of giving Barbie…

Arm Hair Update : 5 Solutions for Super Hairy Arms

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If you're human, you've got arm hair but it's a real source of insecurity for some women — especially this time of year when long sleeves aren't an option. It doesn't help that we're dealing with limbs that haven't seen the sun for three…

7 Reasons Why You Always Have Upper Back Pain

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Between stress from your job, lugging your purse around, lugging your kids around, sitting at a desk all day and overall poor posture, it should come as no surprise that you feel constant upper back pain, particularly in your neck and shoulders.…

10 Reasons why Chronic Inflammation is Your Body’s Archenemy

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If you have ever had a migraine, cut yourself or had a sore throat, you have experienced chronic inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s attempt to remove the outside stress and start the healing process.  Because inflammation is part…