Food Porn Obsession: 20 of the Best Food Photo Blogs

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Porn? Who me? Yes you, and every other living human with access to the Internet. Porn allows us to look at forbidden things. Food porn does exactly the same: we lust after what’s taboo, like exotic desserts, golden fritters, savory soups,…

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration the Mamiverse Way

I’ve just returned from Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in Orlando Florida. After a wonderful Mother´s Day Breakfast and chocolate-covered farewell on Sunday, once home I confess I took a 2-hour nap to recoup. That was my gift to myself…

Can You Get Rich Blogging?

Web logs—now more commonly known as blogs—have been around since the late 1990s. What started as a way for individuals to publish their opinions or life experiences on the Internet for everyone to see has become a bona fide phenomenon,…

A Woman’s Guide to Hispanicize Social Media Conference

Hispanicize 2012—the annual Latino trends and newsmakers event for Hispanic marketers, media, bloggers, filmmakers and music artists—was like networking on steroids. During the social media conference, I cemented in real life plenty of…

For National Craft Month: Our Favorite DIY Craft Websites

I brake for sequins and I worship satin. I can’t go a day without sprinkling glitter, and I’m not afraid to say even though I’ve (accidentally) sewn through my finger once, I consider my sewing machine my third child. Crafts rock…
Follow Friday Roundup

Follow Friday: #LATISM #HurricaneSandy Relief & Other News

So we´re back from LATISM12 (Latinos in Social Media), which I tried my best to capture in a recap post published yesterday on Mamiverse. Thank you all who made it a wonderful enriching experience. I encourage you to follow the #LATISM hashtag…

Follow Friday Roundup: LATISM12 and Other Milestones

If you are attending LATISM12 in Houston, Texas, be sure to find us! We will be on the panel The Evolution of Education: New Channels, Opportunities and Challenges. Make sure to follow us on Twitter: @Mamiverse and @Lorrainecladish for #LATISM12…

The New Latina Blogger World

They are feministas and fashionistas, multicultural mamis and political pundits, cake-decorators and coupon-clippers. They are the rising ranks of Latina bloggers. And their voices are changing the digital landscape, offering an inside…