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For Kids, Character Building Begins at Home

As an educator, I make a priority of the six steps of character building, which are Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring for others, and Citizenship. Unfortunately, the more I teach, the less I see these character traits…

Handling My Tween Daughter's Criticism

The other day in the grocery store, my 10-year-old daughter looked up at me with a steady stare and asked, “Mom, could you please wear some makeup next time?” I looked up at the reflective ceiling, angling for a better glimpse of…
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How to Convince Your Teenage Daughter Not to Have Sex

Actualizado (UPDATED) el 1st de agosto de 2016 As a teenager, Mami never spoke to me about sex. In fact, the only time she mentioned the word “vagina” was when I got my first period. And that was only because she wanted to know how my…
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Teaching Your Kids to Appreciate What They Have

UPDATED: August 1st, 2016 Houston businesswoman Anna Sykes says she felt neglected as a child. Now a mother herself, Sykes has gone out of her way to give her daughter Nia, 9, everything she never had. To her surprise, this approach has…

Tips For Disciplining Your Child

When it comes to reprimanding your kids and teaching them a lesson, there are many avenues to take. Some parents prefer not to punish, while others opt for the typical “time out.” But sometimes, neither of those approaches is enough,…

Lame Lies, Little White Lies, and Everything In Between

You catch your teen in a lie and think: 1. They are destined to be a psychopath. OMG, how did this happen? 2. What a dumb lie! If they were going to fib, why not be craftier about it? 3. Where did they get this behavior from? You’ve…

A Child's Mantra: How it Helped This Latina Mom

My daughters and I love going to the beach and enjoying the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. While my 10-year-old enjoys trying to surf even when the waves are not big enough, my seven-year-old prefers to make sandcastles by my side. On…
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A Single Mom's Guide to Dealing With Bullies

Few things strike fear into the heart of a single mother more than learning that her child is being bullied. When that child is a boy, it can be even more frightening because, let’s face it, boyworld is a very different place; one we just…

Learning from a Child With Dyslexia

Curly-headed, with big, expressive brown eyes, Amelia was a late-in-life baby, an only child who, in the opinion of her adoring parents, was destined for greatness. When she began Pre-K, my husband and I had big dreams that her little school…