10 Savory Oatmeal Recipe Ideas to Change up Breakfast

Raise your hand if you need a new arsenal of oatmeal recipe ideas. Oatmeal is especially delicious when you know how to prep it and top it like a pro. From chia seeds to cacao powder, there are hundreds of toppings you can add to enhance its…

10 Gorgeous Desserts that Make a Case for Edible Flowers

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We all know flowers are gorgeous to look at, but gorgeous to eat? Something about that notion sounds a little strange. Yes, we eat plants and other food that grows on trees and bushes (hello salad, fruit, herbs…) but for some reason edible…

8 Almond Meal & Flour Recipes that will Change Your Alchemy

All flour is created equal, right? Wrong. If you’ve been using all-purpose flour simply because you are nervous to try something new, you’ve been missing out. Almond flour and almond meal are amazing alternatives for those of us who cannot…

Fungus Among Us: 15 Wild Mushroom Recipes that Always Win

It’s time to take a walk on the wild side, fun-gi (pronounced “fun guy”)—that’s right it’s time for some mouth-watering mushroom recipes. We don’t mean the Alice in Wonderland or Grateful Dead concert kind either. We’re talking…

15 Recipes that Prove a Mandolin Food Slicer is Your Kitchen’s Best Kept Secret

Transforming pounds of potatoes for your large family into thin and even rounds takes great knife skills. It also takes time and patience. The solution? Stock your kitchen with a mandolin food slicer. It’s a French cooking utensil that…

In Defense of Vanilla: 9 Vanilla Dessert Recipes that Give Chocolate Competition

Raise your hand if you’re over molten chocolate cake and hankering for some good, reliable vanilla dessert recipes. Now, chocolate is great for you but, if you’re allergic or have some reactions to it, it’s not something to be enjoyed…

Choco-holic and Proud: 8 Decadent Chocolate Desserts that will Make you Quiver

Bow down to the wisdom of the Aztec and Mayan tribes who were smart enough to cultivate chocolate and turn it into a beverage. The Spanish conquistadores took chocolate back to Europe along with the gold and silver found in the New World.…
Abuelita's Empanadillas-MainPhoto

Heritage Recipe: Abuelita's Empanadillas (Mini Empanadas)

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Whenever I hear the word 'empanadas' I think of my abuelita, and whenever I think of my abuelita, I can picture her in the kitchen getting our meals ready. She cooked from scratch, so cooking for us was a day-long process. For freshness, she…

The Rookie Cookie: 14 Easy Cookie Recipes for the Novice Baker

Raise your hand if you love cookies! We have rounded up our favorite cookie recipes to celebrate sweetest season of the year. Even if you are an inexperienced baker and you don't know the difference between a whisk and a spatula, we've got…