Warm Hearts & Tummies with Cocido Madrileño-MainPhoto

Cocido Madrileño: A Soup to Warm Hearts & Tummies

My abuelita, who grew up in Valencia, Spain, started cooking at the age of five. She was the only daughter and her mother was ill and spent most of her time on bedrest. Every day, her father and brothers returned from a long day at work...starving.…
Leite-Sautted Onions Chestnuts and Bacon

Easy, Elegant Holiday Side: Sautéed Onions, Chestnuts, & Bacon

Editor's Note: We want to make sure and get an early start with Thanksgiving Sides that will wow your friends and family.  David Leite offers this recipe that is easy, elegant, and oh-so-delicious. What I love about this recipe—well,…
Bacon Lettuce Sofrito-MainPhoto

Bacon Lettuce & Sofrito Sandwich

Editor’s Note: Mamiverse Food Celebrity Contributor Evette Rios gives this sandwich classic a delicious Latin spin with the addition of sofrito...enjoy! BACON, LETTUCE, SOFRITO SANDWICH (BLS) Ingredients A large handful of cilantro…
Savory Spreads for Every Meal-MainPhoto

Beyond Breakfast: Sweet & Savory Spreads for Every Meal

I can’t help it. I love onions. I am not really into raw onions, but I could have them with nearly everything when they are tender and caramelized. Yes, including my breakfast on toasted buttery whole grain bread, or over warm biscuits and…