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Handmade Holidays: 11 Reasons to Craft Your Own Cards this Year

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Every year we face the challenge of finding the best holiday cards that express our sentiments, are inclusive and unique. It's a tall order and we often have to sacrifice uniqueness in the process. In an ideal world we'd be able to mix and…

Creepy Crafty: 18 Ghoulish Halloween Crafts to Get Everyone Howling

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Halloween is fast approaching so we grown-ups (who are more like kids when it comes to this holiday, if we’re honest) are hard at work creating our costumes, planning our parties, and getting excited about both tricks and treats. Halloween…

Ice Ice Baby: 10 Cool Things You Can Do with Ice Trays

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Unless you’ve been under a media blackout for the last few days, you have heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral movement sweeping the nation to raise money and awareness for the degenerative disease, ALS. So far it’s raised over $3…
Crafty Recycling Ideas for Kids

12 Crafty Recycling Ideas for Kids & Parents

Saving the planet starts at home, which is why parents should make recycling ideas for kids a top priority to practice and teach. However, as Amy A. Whittle comments in the SFGate, “teaching your kids about recycling can be difficult, because…
Crafting Your Way to a Stress-Free Life-MainPhoto

Crafting Your Way to a Stress-Free Life

There are many ways to let out stress: Punching a wall, scarfing Oreos in a dark broom closet, or my favorite—an old-school silent scream. How about something a little more upbeat and healthy? I’m talking crafts. Believe it or not,…
Making gifts yourself

10 Holiday Gifts You Can Make Yourself

For many of us, holiday stress centers around one thing—money or, more precisely, a lack of it! It's difficult enough to get basic bills paid in this economy, but finding room in the budget for a dozen or more gifts may be impossible.…
Dream Pillows, Vision Boards & Motivational Scrapbooks Fun Ways to Set Goals With Your Kids-SliderPhoto

Dream Pillows, Vision Boards & Motivational Scrapbooks: Fun Ways to Set Goals With Your Kids

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Setting goals with my kids is fun! My 9-year old reminded me recently that we still had to do our New Year’s “revolutions.” I laughed when she made the pronunciation mistake, but then I thought maybe she had a point! So I checked the…
Multicultural Crafts to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage This Month-MainPhoto

Multicultural Crafts to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage This Month

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 There is no better way to get children excited about a subject than to break out the art supplies and let them jump into a craft project. Providing them with a tactile, manipulative activity engages not only their…

Fun DIY Father’s Day Card

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What better way to say I love you on Father’s Day than an adorable handmade card? This crafty tutorial is quick and easy! For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse! Read Related: Unleash Your Inner Crafter with These…