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Simple Daily Rituals to Help You Feel 10 Years Younger

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UPDATED June 5th, 2018  Raise your hand if you want to feel 10 years younger. Be honest. No one wants to get older. Well, maybe you did when you were 15 and you desperately wanted to drive, be independent, have boobs and buy alcohol. But…

10 Reasons to Bring a Kettlebell into Your Fitness Routine

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Incorporating a kettlebell into your fitness routine isn’t simply holding this cast-iron weight in front of your chest and doing squats, lunges or arm curls until you can’t take it anymore. And this kind of “weight lifting” won’t…

Mind Yo’ Self: How to Improve Memory

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Can’t seem to ever remember your neighbor’s children’s names? Or have you ever completely blanked on the name of say, your favorite movie from like only twenty years ago? Yes, this may mean your memory maybe dwindling. But don’t worry,…

New You: 5 New Beauty Treatments to Try This Year

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Whether or not you buy into the concept of New Year's resolutions, one thing is undeniable: a new year is a great excuse to try something new, and we've got our eye on some amazing new beauty treatments for 2015. Sure, you could try a new…
Beauty Finds

3 Beauty Finds for The New Year

At Mamiverse we are always on the lookout for the best beauty products to make our readers look and feel their best. We have come across three beauty finds for the New Year, one for every budget and age group! Read Related: Time-Saving Beauty…
DNA serum

Beauty Review: DNA EGF Night Renewal Serum

Claims: DNA EGF Night Renewal supports repair and counters skin damage during the night. Skin looks visibly radiant, firmer, and smoother with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Prevents formation of age spots, skin thinning and wrinkles. Price: $130 Mamiverse…