8 Reasons the Mayan Riviera Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

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Consider these two words: Mayan Riviera. Then ask yourself the following questions: Are you stressed? Do you feel tense? Do you wake up dreading your daunting daily tasks and worrying that there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish…

The Travel to Cuba Report: How to Start Planning Your Caribbean Sojourn

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Maybe it’s just us, but the exhausting holiday season mixed with chilly winter weather has us in a January slump, and now we’re desperate for a vacation. But where to go? There are endless possibilities, but one option needs to be moved…

Your Go-To Coolest Amusement Park Hit-List

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If you love a thrill, and you’re bored with plain old beach days, then this summer is the perfect time to explore the most exciting, heart-stopping, mind-blowing amusement parks out there. And even if you can’t make it to these wildly…

8 Hot Springs Resort Destinations You Have to Visit

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Ever been to a hot springs resort? If you’re looking to plan a vacation that isn’t just a trip, it’s also an adventure, then you need to look beyond the typical tourist destinations, historical cities, beach towns and ski resorts. You…

Era of Awesome: How to Find an Airbnb Location for Your Dream Vacay

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We all dream of a perfect vacation—it’s what gets us through the day when work is insane, life is chaotic and we really really need a break. While once upon a time staying at a hotel was the only option, times have changed and these days…

9 Reasons why Colombians are Some of the Happiest People

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If you’re looking to explore a new country, then you might want to visit a destination that is known for having happy locals—after all, if people love living there it’s probably for a good reason. And at the top of the list of happiest…