10 Ways Fishing Makes Us Wiser

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Yes, we’re serious—Fishing! This activity, which is typically relegated to grumpy old men, or men in general, is actually something we should all consider. Fishing provides us with time and space to relax, focus and quiet. When we’re…

10 Water Activities to Build Your Core

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Core strength helps with everything you do including balance as well as injury prevention in everyday activities and during exercise. According to Greg McMillan, a running coach from Flagstaff, Arizona, who works with a slew of elite and recreational…

15 Out-of-the-Box Summer Camps for Your Niche Child

You know your child’s strengths, and you want to see them continue to grow and explore those strengths during the summer. Just because school is out, doesn’t mean the learning can’t continue. Building confidence over the summer can translate…

20 Summer Activities that Keep Kids Learning

During the summer months, it can be tough to keep those young minds stimulated and active. If you don’t, though, fall back-to-school will be a hard transition for your children. Studies show that keeping our brains active and learning is…

15 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Learn to Tap Dance

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May 25 is National Tap Dance Day and also the birthday of tap legend Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson. National Tap Dance Day was signed into law on November 7, 1989. The art of tap dancing, one of America’s true national treasures, has a rich…
10 Modern Ways to Spend Family Time-MainPhoto

10 Modern Ways to Spend Family Time

Many parents are concerned about how much time their families spend on computers and mobile devices. The flip side of that is that many of those games and activities can be a great way to share time with your kids. “Promising your personal time at…
Easter Family Fun & Games-MainPhoto

Easter Family Fun & Games

Easter is just around the corner and Daddy Nickell has come up with some fun, new Easter activities to celebrate this holiday, build the family bond and keep kids busy all day long so the Easter candy lasts longer than a day. Lawn Games…
Indoor Family Fun That’s Really Fun!-MainPhoto

Indoor Family Fun That’s Really Fun!

The good news for all of us is winter doesn’t last forever (yes, you can come in off the ledge now, unless you’re planning to cannonball into the snow). Even though your kids have you driven mad, it’s not too late to turn that angst…
Family Friendly winter activities

5 Family-Friendly Winter Activities

Family-friendly winter activities are a life saver. In the winter, the temperatures drop and dark days really make hot chocolate and a movie quite tempting. This winter, I have committed to keep myself—and my family—healthy. Beyond some…