Sweet, Healthy Treats for Baby-MainPhoto


Fruit in all its forms: You can’t go wrong feeding naturally sweet fruit—as long as there’s no sugar added—to babies and toddlers. For young babies who are not yet able to bite and chew, pureed fruit is a great choice. Older babies can munch on apple and pear slices, orange sections, bananas, berries and grapes sliced in half. You can even make or buy fruit smoothies for your little one—just watch for no added sugar, other than from fruit juice.

Low-sugar yogurt: A serving of kids’ yogurt can serve up a whole lot more sugar than your baby needs. So you can sweeten plain yogurt with fruit puree or natural, fruit-only marmalade, or shop for yogurts that go easy on the added sugar. Your little one will get used to a moderately-sweet flavor, and reap the benefits of yogurt’s calcium and active cultures.