As far as summer activities for kids go, if you’re looking for something more active, invest in beach games like Pro Kadima (think paddle ball for the beach), Badminton or a Frisbee disc. And for boys especially, do not underestimate the power of a Nerf football. For a group activity, set up beach bowling by digging little holes in the ground and trying to roll tennis balls into those holes.

Just because you’re at the beach does not mean you need to ditch all the intellectual work, though your kids might wish you did. It’s not all about ‘outdoor’ games for kids. You can do simple math work in the sand by counting seashells or using a stick to draw math problems while you hang out. Or you can use your time staring at the ocean to actually teach your kids about the ocean! Teach them about marine life, how waves are formed and stress the importance of maintaining our environment and keeping beaches clean.

When you all need a little break, break out the books. As an adult you probably love reading with the ocean waves crashing in the background, and believe it or not, your kids will too. Encourage everyone to take turns reading to the group, and embrace a little story time while you rest up for the next activity.