7. Don’t sweat the small stuff
Remember, women have been raising kids for eons; a skinned knee, a sore throat or a bad day at school has rarely proved fatal. “I see so many new moms in an absolute panic if their kid falls down or sheds a tear,” says Maria, mom to 2-year-old twins and an adult child. “I’m just like, whatever. If they don’t need stitches, it’s not an emergency. It’s not like I let my twins play with matches or knives, but you have to let kids get their share of scrapes and bruises. It’s part of growing up.” Maria might have the right idea. While you, of course, need to tend to your child’s injuries large and small, how you react is going to influence heavily how he reacts to injury, illness and even stress. So instead of going all Florence Nightingale over a scraped knee, spray some antiseptic on it and suggest he rejoin his friends on the playground, lest he misses out on the fun.

So, are you sold on these secrets of successful moms? What are your tried and true tips for parenting success, household harmony and personal satisfaction?