5. Lose the guilt
See items 2 and 4. Instead of focusing on all the ways you’re failing as a mom, spouse or woman—you’re not volunteering enough hours at your kids’ school, you didn’t try for that big promotion, or the house is always a mess—stop feeling guilty about trying—and failing—to do it all! “A very wise therapist once told me, ‘We fail at things every day. But we have to focus on all the things we get right, every day,’” says Kathy, married, working mom of two. “I’ve learned to apply that rule to my life as a working mother. There are so many things in our house that need to be done that I just never have time to get to. I need to work out more. I need to read more to my kids and let them watch less TV. But hey, they’re clean, happy and well fed, and they’re doing just fine in school. So I must be doing something right!” Kathy’s attitude is one we could all learn from. Don’t get sold the Supermom myth!