13 Ways Orgasms Help Kill Stress-MainPhoto

13 Ways Orgasms Help Kill Stress-MainPhoto
What is it that causes us stress, and why does it seem like we’re all always wrangling our stress management? Trying to balance family and work will cause stress. Caring for an ailing partner or parent is stressful. Hell, just living in the current age induces stress. Increased stress can slow wound healing, increase blood pressure and accelerate your heart rate. So, for Stress Awareness Month, take a deep cleansing breath and concentrate on reducing stress in your life. Take up a hobby, take a walk, have a deep, satisfying, relaxing orgasm.

That’s right. Orgasms are an amazing tool for stress management. The famous Mae West, star of many a “B” movie and famous (or infamous) for her double entendre quotes, once remarked “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.” Maybe she was on to something, as Mae lived to a ripe old age. Here are 13 reasons that Mae West may have used orgasms as the best stress relievers around!

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1. Orgasms triggers hormones, like oxytocin, that can act as a natural sedative
Oxytocin, released at climax, makes you feel sociable, content and more importantly to high stress folks, safe and relaxed. It’s why everyone wants to nap after sex. It’s a natural antidote to stress-producing hormones Stressed about a job interview or speaking engagement? Duck into the ladies’ room for a quick self-induced orgasm to relax!


2. Orgasms relieve pain, like headaches and menstrual cramps
“Not tonight dear, I have a headache.” Don’t avoid sex with a headache, have it! At climax, the body releases endorphins which will relieve pain and relax tight muscles that cause tension headaches. Cramping? Those same endorphins will reduce muscle cramps, too.

3. Orgasms improve heart health
Orgasms increase the heart rate and make your heart work harder, just as it does with any exercise. Orgasms will reduce blood pressure, also good for a healthy heart. It won’t replace an hour at the gym but, it’s a lot more fun to exercise in bed!

4. Orgasms help you look and feel younger
We’ve all seen the change in a friend or partner who gets sex on a regular basis. Shiny hair and smooth skin, a byproduct of orgasm-induced estrogen production, make us glow. Orgasms produce pheromones, giving off a certain magnetism that attracts more sex, thus more orgasms. It’s a win-win!


5. Orgasms send more oxygen to your brain, increasing brain function
The heart pumps faster and harder during sex and orgasm causes a rush of blood to the brain. More oxygenated blood to the brain means you’ll think clearer, be more creative and imagine ways you can have more sex and more orgasms!

6. Oxytocin strengthens your bond with your partner
You and your partner will strengthen that shared bond by sharing orgasms. Intimacy will grow and the need to have more orgasms (an addictive pull for sure!) will keep your bond strong.

7. Orgasms boost your immune system
A healthy body is a strong body. A benefit of orgasm is the production of immunoglobulin A, key to a strong immune system. It won’t replace a flu shot, but next time you feel the sniffles coming on, try an orgasm to ward off the feeling.


8. Orgasms burn calories
A vigorous round of sex will burn calories. How much depends on how vigorous of course. The muscles you use during sex will strengthen and your core muscle strength will increase flexibility. More flexibility means more sex, which increases muscle strength and well…you get the message.

9. Orgams can make you or your partner less likely to cheat
Sex is the glue that holds relationships together. It’s important to build the relationship, to maintain it when life pulls us in different directions, and to build intimacy between couples. Strong sexual intimacy makes it really hard to cheat.


10. Orgasms improve your sex life
So many ways, so little time. Orgasms rejuvenate us every time. They stimulate hormones and improve heart health. Active hormone levels and good health lead to more sex.

11. Orgasms relieve chronic stress
Occasional stress is part of life; the traffic jam on the way to work, raising a family, paying bills. Stress that never ends, like unhappy marriage, medical problems, stressful work environment, will create any number of health conditions from high blood pressure to damaged immune system. An orgasm will relax you and allow you the opportunity to reduce stress in your life without use of drugs or alcohol.

12. Orgasms can relieve urinary tract infections
Increased blood flow, release of immunoglobulin-A and increased heart rate all make for a healthier person. A healthy person is likely to suffer fewer infections and to recover from infections a lot sooner.


13. Orgasms improve your mood
“The little death,” which is the French term for orgasm, clears the senses and recharges the batteries. All things look better after a vigorous round of sex, sort of like sunshine after rain.