Mami-Prepared! 4 Stress-Free, Quick-Fix Meals in a Flash-MainPhoto

Mami-Prepared! 4 Stress-Free, Quick-Fix Meals in a Flash-MainPhoto

So you thought you had time to relax after the kids get settled after school, right? But wait! Now the friends want to come over. A last minute playdate! How on earth will you get everything ready in time and be able to provide some sort of meal for the kids to munch on while they’re playing? We have some stress-free easy to make solutions, which won’t look like you just threw the ingredients together at the very last minute. Here are 4 quick fix meals you can make in a flash:

Turkey and Cheese “Sushi” On a Stick: Regular sandwiches are just not as cool. Kids just love food, any food, on a stick! You’ll certainly wow them with your turkey and cheese roll ups. You simply take a regular sandwich, roll it up, and put it on a popsicle stick. Offer ketchup or mustard to dip the sandwiches in.

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Yogurt Dip: You can easily make a yummy, healthy and protein-packed dip in seconds. Some plain Greek yogurt mixed with nut butter and honey makes the yummiest dip ever. Offer the kids different things to dip in it: fruit, graham crackers, vegetables. Not only will this be the easiest dip you’ve ever made: it´s also filling and nutritious. You could also add some mini chocolate chips, or crumbled up graham crackers for a sweeter dip.

Mami-Prepared! 4 Stress-Free, Quick-Fix Meals in a Flash-Photo2

Ham and Cheese Apple Wraps: Have some apples, ham and cheese? Neatly wrapped around the apple, ham and cheese has never looked this good. The ham works as the wrap and holds the cheese next to the apple. You can brush the apple slices with lemon juice to keep them from browning. You could even let the kids assemble their own wraps by offering different kinds of cheeses and deli meat. The sweet and salty combination is a family favorite for us and sure to be a pleaser.

Veggie Macaroni And Cheese: Looking for something a little more filling? Instead of just making your boxed mac and cheese, go for this version! Add some vegetables and chicken stock to it and you’ve quickly transformed traditional macaroni and cheese into something amazing! And for plus points with the kids use a fun-shaped pasta!