15 Health Benefits of Strawberries-SliderPhoto


12. They promote prenatal health.
Moms to be really are eating for two not in volume but in nutrition. To help your baby develop strong bones you need Vitamin C. An excellent source of Vitamin C, strawberries are also an excellent source of fiber, another thing pregnant women really need. Plus strawberries are a lot easier to get off those post baby hips than donuts.

13. They’re good for your teeth.
According to Health.com, strawberries can whiten your teeth. Seems odd when they stain everything else. A mix of fresh strawberries and other ingredients used once a week will brighten your smile. This is no joke, you won’t end up with pink teeth.

14. They help maintain blood glucose levels.
Diabetics must watch the level of carbohydrates they consume. For that reason, fruits like bananas, mangos or orange juice, all high in carbohydrates, are not on the diet. Strawberries, with their relatively low carbohydrate count, are an excellent fruit choice for diabetics or those just counting carbs.