15 Health Benefits of Strawberries-SliderPhoto


4. They help prevent wrinkles.
Vitamin C rich strawberries do more than taste good. Vitamin C rich foods are associated with fewer wrinkles and less dry skin. You still need to use sun screen, but if keeping those wrinkles at bay means eating more strawberries, then pass the whip cream.

5. They increase HDL (good) cholesterol.
In another study, volunteers added a measured amount of strawberries to their diet to see what effect, if any, there would be in their blood chemistry. After a month, blood tests showed a rise in HDL or good cholesterol :and more importantly, lower “bad” cholesterol. Are you paying attention? These babies are good for you.

6. They’re anti-inflammatory.
Strawberries help reduce inflammation. Reduce puffiness under the eyes by adding strawberries to your diet.There’s no guarantee that massive amounts of strawberries will reduce the “puffiness” at your waistline, though.

7. They help regulate blood pressure.
Diet is a major factor in the control of high blood pressure. Rich in potassium, strawberries can help control high blood pressure by counteracting the effects of sodium in the diet. Lower blood pressure and great taste: Thank you, Mother Nature.