6. Treat Time Like Money
Look at time as valuable and precious and treat it as such. Be deliberate in the things you do. For starters, stop wasting your time on bad television, please!

7. Use Global Prioritization
Zoom way out when you look at your life. Now go further. And a little bit further so you’re looking at all of it, from start to finish, as best you can. What stands out from this far away? Surely it’s not the kind of car you drive—that you had to work ridiculous overtime hours to afford—and we can barely spot that Chanel purse you just had to have—which required a second job in retail that you hated.

8. Be Here Now
Stop planning and focus on the now. It’s definitely nice to plan fancy vacations or future career goals, and we’re not saying you shouldn’t ever do that. We’re saying that it’s okay to take a break from the ‘plan’ every once in a while and cherish what is happening right now.