3. Regroup
Rethink your career goals. This is one of the most important time management strategies. Our dreams and goals change as we age and as our families evolve over time. Set aside some time to journal and examine what it is you really want and then invest yourself in that instead of wasting your time doing what you’ve been doing. Pursue a path that rewards you. Find a job you love, that doesn’t always feel like work, and you’ll have a rewarding experience.

4. Restructure Your Life Paradigm 
This is one of the most fundamental tips for time management. Is the American dream what you really want? We were pretty much all raised to believe we needed a single family home with a spouse, a full-time career, and 2.5 children, right? Well, for many of us, that American dream isn’t so dreamy and it turns out we don’t want the nice house or the fancy car or any of it!