Los Tweens Logo-ReducedIf the tweens had it their way, taco night would be every night. The same ground beef tacos with all of the toppings over and over again. I love to cook and use it as my creative outlet. But just like no artist creates the same painting more than once, I rarely create the same dinner more than once. With the taco routine ready to drive me loco, I decided to start switching it up.

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I played with the proteins and toppings introducing the tweens to avocados, cilantro, lime and queso blanco. I found that tacos were an easy way to introduce the tweens to new foods. My children will try anything at least once but it takes a few introduction and incorporating new flavors into their favorite meals before they become fans.

Just recently, I turned taco night upside down with tostadas. They were skeptical. But after devouring their first tostada and quickly asking for seconds, I knew I had a winner.

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