Another reason to keep your skin in tip-top shape is so you can indulge in one of the easiest to achieve spring makeup trends, the no-makeup look that is truly no makeup. Francois Nars took this look the farthest at Fashion Week, sending Marc Jacobs’ models down the runway totally bare-faced. He explains, “We love those under-eye circles. It’s real life. I love the dramatic idea of having nothing on.” So if you’re already a no-makeup gal you’re totally on trend! Now most of us cringe at the thought of leaving the house completely bare-faced. Don’t worry it’s okay to use a few tricks. Skip all-over foundation—just use a dab of concealer to mask blemishes and focus on nude hues for eyes, cheeks, and lips. A coat of mascara and a bit of strategically places highlighter will give you a fresh, natural glow.

The really big news in spring makeup this year is all about the eyes. Think outside-the-box color and liner. Sheer pastel eyeshadow is so pretty and feminine. Since it’s just a wash of color, it’s an excellent way to kick the no-makeup look up a notch and it’s so easy you can even use your fingers to apply. Stickers and foiled liner, like Dior Mirror Eyes or new Pastel Eyes are also great for those who haven’t mastered the razor-sharp feline flick.