13. Do the Doodle
Ever notice that kids are incredibly creative? Whether they are scribbling a purple puppy with 8 legs or participating in imaginary play, they always seem to have really out-of-the-box ideas. Try tapping into your inner child with Doodle Buddy. You’ll have fun and it just might unleash creativity like you had when you were young.

14. Add Dynamic Text to Your Photos
These days everyone seems to be editing and sharing photos with the world. Take your photos to the next level and add some creative commentary using the creative app, Path On, which allows you to add text in a non-linear format to your existing photos.

15. Expand Your Vocabulary
We know it’s been a long time since anyone quizzed you on vocabulary. But it’s never too late to get smarter, plus you can increase the quality of your writing, presentation and communication skills.  Apps like Dictionary.com allow you to set up daily alerts with a new word and definition each day.