Six Sexy Ways to Coax Your Man Into Babysitting

Six Sexy Ways to Coax Your Man Into Babysitting

You need to get your spouse to babysit! Here’s how!

A small child is a bundle of joy for sure, but sometimes all that joy can be overwhelming, and hey, we need a break! Nannies are nice, but who can afford them 24/7? Daycare? Well yes, but that’s a Monday through Friday solution, a workday staple of our routine. What about those evening hours when you want to take a bath, or a long shower? Or a Saturday morning, when you’re hoping to reply to your girlfriend’s last email, or update your Facebook profile?

You need help now, and the best help (caring and free!) is your lovey-dovey amorcito; although he may not know it yet. You have in fact brought this up to him before, right? You’ve tried, and you’ve tried hard! Your points have all been valid, you’ve told him: “He’s your child too! You’re the father! I am always the one who gets up and looks after him/her when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night!” You’ve said it calmly. You’ve said it not so calmly.You’ve begged. And yes, you’ve even cried and screamed. Your man barely reacts anymore. Or worse, your requests are met with a grunt. Or he feigns understanding, but your “break” was barely long enough to sip your coffee before the child is thrust into your arms again. You need a way that’s effective, without having to fake a headache or truly become sick to be able to take a break.

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Well, here are six sexy ways to get your guy to give you a small break from the kids, and like it! He will feel engaged to the child you both brought into the world. And best of all, if done correctly, he will be blissfully unaware of the fact that he is—even if briefly—babysitting! Sneaky, yes? But, hey, mamis need a break!

1. Show Team Loyalty. Dress your kid in your better half’s favorite colors or his beloved team’s (baby-sized) jersey, unquestionably daddy’s favorite outfit for his mini-me. He’ll be proud and will brag about his cute little teammate, and you’ll be able to smile at your handy work: leaving daddy-and-child to play in matching outfits!

2. Practice Flattery. “The baby looks just like you!” Even if your baby looks just like your aunt Margarita, and any resemblance to the father’s side of the family is, well, almost imaginary…maybe the baby has the same eyebrows, or perhaps it’s a facial expression, the same molar, whatever! Find something the two have in common. The fact of the matter is, we’re making daddy proud, and that makes him feel sexy.

3. Create Teaching Moments. If your guy is into cars, sci-fi films, gardening, cooking, sports, or video games—you need to drive home this message: it will benefit the child to learn the father’s ways. Get the right toys, tools and attitude, and in no time, those two will be having fun together. Trust me on this. The second your husband relates to this new fraternity, he’ll feel like a lion with his cub. Sexy!

4. Value TV Time. Chances are high (very high) that your hubby likes to watch something on TV. Is it sports? Is it old Seinfeld episodes? It really doesn’t matter. This passion must be taught to the next generation. If a show lasts 30 minutes, well—that’s a half hour you can spend on your almost-forgotten beauty routine!

5. Do Something Special For Him. Fix him a glass of his favorite wine, cappuccino, beer mug, or whiskey concoction. Tell him to enjoy it while he watches over the baby. Follow up with a whisper in his ear that you’ll take a few minutes to “freshen up” and then promise him the reward. Infallible. Meanwhile you can pamper yourself.

6. Bargain If You Must. But make it a guilt-free exchange. You do one hour, I’ll do one hour. The other person can freely (and gratefully) do anything they please or need to be doing, without feeling that someone is bossing the other into babysitting. Keep in mind that the time spent with the baby or young child is quality time for each of you, which is at the end what really matters.

Next time you want 20 minutes of me time, give one or more of these a try. You, your man and your child will ultimately benefit. So, go ahead and prepare your bubble bath—a few minutes of relaxation await you! After all, happy parents = sexy parents.