15-Things-to-Know-About-Dating-Aries-Men-photo8KEEP IT LOW KEY
Letting a date meet your child might be, for you, an absolute no go unless you decide to get married. I know one of my friends who waited until then to introduce her kids to her partner. I, on the other hand would allow my son to meet a man who I got serious with, even if marriage was not in the agenda. I did this in part to see if it made sense to take things any further. The way a man interacts with your kids says a lot about his potential as a serious life mate—and I wanted to see my potential partners interact with my son and vice versa.

At the same time, I didn’t make a big production out of it. Maybe we got some pizza together, or watched a movie. Since my son was a teenager, I often had to fit the get-together into his schedule anyway.