There are a few components to showing up. Of course there’s the fact that you need to physically show up to a commitment, a task, a job, an interaction or an opportunity. You need to be there, and you need to be on time. Posting on Facebook that you’re going to a yoga class is not the same thing as actually attending that class and really making the most of your time there. Second, you need to mentally show up. That means that you can’t just be there in body, but have your mind drifting all over the place. If your head isn’t in the game, your body can only do so much. Lastly, you need to emotionally show up as well. Your passions will drive you in everything you do, and when you are spending time focusing on what moves you and what feeds your soul, you’ll not only work harder, but you’ll work better and be more proud of what you create. That applies to your job, your family, your friends and your hobbies. If you care about it, you’ll look forward to doing it and you’ll approach that task with every ounce of your being. That’s what it means to show up.