Forget Botox parties! Make your next girls’ night all about sex toys for women — they’re tons more fun and nothing compares to a good old-fashioned orgasm for keeping you looking and feeling young. And you might just learn a thing or two.

So what exactly happens at one of these events? “A sex toy party is for women who want to celebrate their sexuality,” says Miriam Ayala, a sex toy party consultant. “The girls are very interested in seeing the toys, playing with them, and learning how they are used. All women are interested in improving their sex life. These parties help them let loose and realize it’s normal to want to have better sex or a better masturbatory experience.”

Think of sex toy parties as R-rated Tupperware parties — they usually involve games and an array of samples for the girls to check out. Companies like My Secret Soiree will set you up with all of the essentials: sex toys for women, games, advice, etc.

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One of the things that make sex toy parties so special is that, besides being a time for girlfriends get together to giggle, it’s also a time in which women realize they are all equals — everyone wants to enjoy sex. During sex toy parties, women come out of their shells and dare to express their innermost thoughts and feelings regarding sex and their longing to have a more fulfilling sex life.

There are many benefits to using vibrators and other sex toys for women, such as to increase pleasure, sexual desire, and enhance orgasms. However many women are uncomfortable browsing at sex shops but, while going online is less embarrassing, nothing beats a hands-on experience.


One of the best things about sex toy parties is that they are private and intimate. You get learn all about the toys themselves and it’s a great opportunity for you and your friends to learn more about each other. Freebies are another fantastic perk. Not only does the hostess receive free merch for hosting (and based on the sales of the party), the guests also enjoy free samples to try at home.

The next time you’re planning a girls-night-out or a bachelorette party, consider making it a sex toy event. The memories and the joy will last well after the party is over.