At the Atlas, Anya and Kimberly are still recovering from the menswear challenge and their brush with elimination on the previous week of Project Runway. Josh M., back to his old sassy self, comments that at this point in the competition everyone should be up to the challenge of menswear. And speaking of challenge….On the runway Heidi faces the designers asking, “Are any of you surprised that you’re still here?” (Bert’s the only one who ‘fesses up.) She leaves them with the enigmatic, “Look to the past for your inspiration.”

And off to Parson’s where Tim is waiting with Heather Archibald of Piperlime to give them their instructions.

The Challenge: The designer’s must create a look that embodies ‘70s sophistication without being too literal or too retro. The budget is $100 and the winning look will be produced and sold online at Piperlime.

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This is right up Bert’s alley since he not only lived through the ‘70s but he worked for Halston, the epitome of sleek ‘70s design.

And off to Mood where the designers make a mad dash for loud prints and, as we saw in last week’s previews, Anya really does lose her money. How? She had no pockets or bag and was storing it in her bra. Lifetime even provides a freeze-frame complete with arrow pointing to the envelope peeking precariously out of her top. Ladies, always carry a bag! Tim informs her that she can use whatever money the other designer’s have left but beyond that muslin is her only option. For those of you who don’t sew, Muslin is the fabric equivalent of newsprint. So Anya tearfully scrounges up $11.50 and tries to make it work.

Back in the workroom, everyone pitches in to give Anya what leftover fabric they have and she gets to work dying muslin. What a trooper! The goodwill pretty much ends there, as the designer’s are feeling the pressure of their dwindling numbers and they don’t have any guest clients to distract them from sniping at each other. Viktor thinks Josh M. has a tendency to steal ideas. Laura thinks Bert’s ensemble is too ‘Roller Barbie’. Bert thinks Laura’s print is horrible and that Anthony Ryan’s fabric is very ‘‘’80s girl going to the mall or going to bury something in the woods.” Ouch!

Laura, Kimberly, and Anya have made a pact to tell each other if one seems to be taking a wrong turn. Laura and Anya decide that Kimberly is definitely taking a wrong turn but agree NOT to tell her. So much for the pact. Although in a bit of karmic retribution, Tim informs Laura that he’s slightly concerned about her look and that Nina gets bristly about her taste level.

Now for the twist! Everyone will have to create an additional one-piece look and they will each get an extra $50 for fabric. Anya has hope!

And on to the runway where the guest judge is Piperlime guest editor and The City alum Olivia Palermo.

Nina appears slightly taken aback by Bert’s booty shorts, and she actually sneers at Laura’s ensembles. Kimberly is the lone safe designer and waits alone backstage for the verdicts.

Anya, Viktor, and Bert are the top three and Laura, Anthony Ryan, and Josh M. are at the bottom. Despite his very short shorts the judges agree that Bert’s ensembles both look expensive, would photograph beautifully, and are totally wearable. Of course Nina loves Anya’s print, as well as the “spirited feel. It looks like a vacation, I get it.” They also appreciate Anya’s perseverance. Viktor’s jacket is beautifully tailored, and his safari inspired suit is very sophisticated. Olivia loves the sexy, versatile pants.

And the winner is…Anya! There’s more…Bert’s dress will also be produced and sold on Piperlime.


After all the zingers last week, Michael was fairly restrained, but all three judges hated Josh M.’s looks. Olivia described his plaid pants as tablecloth-like and summed up the fit with, “She’s not getting laid in those pants tonight.” Nina was horrified by the acid colored leopard print dress. Josh M. responded petulantly by accusing the other designers of producing low quality work. Huh? Anthony Ryan’s clothes were called boring, incomplete, and schmattes. Heidi said his models looked like two boring girls going to the mall. Nina added, “They look like two boring girls that are in a cult.” And no one liked Laura’s use of print.

And…Anthony Ryan is out.

Despite the cattiness, it’s harder for everyone to say goodbye each week (well, except to Olivier last week). Tim was utterly verklempt, and barely kept his composure while instructing Anthony Ryan to pack his things. Anthony Ryan took it like a champ and made a classy exit.

Next week we have live birds in the workroom and the return of Josh M.’s ego: “You’ve only sewn for four months—and it shows.” Better keep him away from those birds.