In other words, don’t let your guard down just yet and keep your hormones in check for a bit longer. You need to get to know this person slowly and believe us, the slower you take it, the sexier it can get. Your strategy should lie in looking as hot as you can (without looking trashy!) and leaving him wanting more. Though it’s psychological and physical torture for your gentleman caller, the truth is, most men like a challenge. That’s why getting things started up in the bedroom too soon can backfire on you. Why? Well, you may come off as easy and he may freak out a bit afterward at what happened even though he’s interested in you. That doesn’t mean you should be a cold fish throughout the date, either. Touch him flirtatiously with playful gestures (try touching his upper arm briefly or giving his forearm a quick, light squeeze) and simply put the brakes on at the end the night with a romantic kiss.