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Excerpt: Throb, An Erotic Coming of Age Novel

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt of Juliette del Fuego’s Throb, An Erotic Coming of Age Novel.  The new author has penned what can only be described as a Latina 50 Shades of Grey. Here’s a tease. The steamy Throb is available now. I wanted to have sex with a man…. […]


How to Have an Expert Level Flirt Game

What’s more delicious than an intense game of flirting?  The truth is, as humans, we flirt looking for serious relationships, seeking casual sex, or we simply flirt when we are not interested in either. Why? Because according to Psychology Today, flirtation can be a liberating form of play, a game with suspense and ambiguities that brings joys […]


Ode to the O! The Many Types of Female Orgasms

As women, we have been equipped with the ability to have different types of orgasm with different feelings and different levels of intensity associated with them. Freud suggested that women experience two types of orgasm: clitoral and vaginal. For Freud, a clitoral orgasm was immature, reached by adolescents during masturbation. His theory contended that once […]


10 Delicious Things You Can Make with Cheesecloth

If you like to eat, or you watch cooking TV shows then you’ve probably heard of a cheesecloth; you’ve probably even enjoyed the fruits of that cloth’s labor. But have you ever used a cheesecloth? Yeah, neither have we. In fact, until we wrote this we thought it was a cloth covered in cheese. Sounds […]


How to Deal with Extreme Pain in Breast

Is it just us, or does it sometimes feel like the world is paying a lot of attention to our boobs? Magazines flaunt cleavage, models and movie stars boast perky breasts, everyone seems to have an opinion on breastfeeding in public, and every week there is a new invention that promises to enhance your chest. […]