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Best Drugstore Beauty Products

Lifestyle guru and savvy shopper Robyn Moreno shares her favorite drugstore products to look beautiful on a budget.

So I was just in CVS for like a thousand hours checking out all of their fun stuff. I did a segment recently on buying last minute gifts at drugstores, so I know the bounty they can offer. But I was transfixed by the beauty aisle…so many smart products that can not only have multiple uses, but can save you a spa visit! Here’s my list of smartest things to buy at a drugstore:

Nivea Cream: I had a French boyfriend for a while, and while he was a tool, his mama was trés magnifique! French women are seriously the best when it comes to beauty. And her fave cream? Nivea. The super thick one in the old school tin. So rich, it works on tough bits, like elbows and knees, and in your hair as a mask.

Visine: Gets the red out and makes you look instantly fresher after flying the red eye or in the morning after a night out.

Aquaphor: This healing ointment from Eucerin is a celeb favorite for hydrating hands, feet, lips, and other scaly spots.

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VO Hot Oil Treatments: Way before there was Moroccan oil, there was VO, so this definitely gets points for longevity! Heat it up and put it on for instant hair help.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E: Softens skin, prevents stretch marks, and is soothing après sun—plus it smells yummy.

Baby powder: Perfect for taking the oil out of dirty hair, absorbing oils stain on clothing, and for lightly setting makeup.

St. Helen’s Mint Julep Masque: A favorite of actresses and my friend, Carmen, whose skin is so gorgeous she looks likes a Botticelli painting. This product will shrink pores and draw out blackheads, but people with dry skin should use it sparingly.

Vaseline: A must-have in your cabinet, Vaseline is your back-up makeup remover, lip balm, cuticle moisturizer, and body balm.

Tea tree oil: When you have a pimple, a spot of tea tree oil will dry it out fast. If you dab some on an emerging pimple, this product will prevent it from surfacing.

Crest White Strips: One of the ways to look younger, fresher, and more attractive quicker is to have whiter teeth. These strips are affordable, easy-to-use, and they work.

Q-Tips: The perfect makeup tool for smudging eyeliner and applying spot concealer.

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