Simple Daily Rituals to Help You Feel 10 years Younger-MainPhoto


Exercise (including strength training)
Staying active not only makes you look great, but it gives you a boost of energy so you can continue moving so you can stay healthy and in shape for years to come. Whether you try out an intense cardio class at your gym or you just take a brisk walk with a friend, getting your blood flowing and using your muscles will help you protect your body against injury, maintain healthy bones, boost your mood and clear your mind so you can stay sharp physically and mentally.

Go back to school
Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you need to stop learning. Take an online course or a continued education course at a local university. You can study art history, learn about wine, take a creative writing course or even attend culinary school. Think about something you’ve always wanted to learn, and then do it. Keeping your mind busy and expanding your knowledge is one of the best ways to feel young, curious and energized mentally.

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