Simple Daily Rituals to Help You Feel 10 years Younger-MainPhoto


Go to bed earlier
When you were actually young you could function on very little sleep—you probably even pulled a few all-nighters in college. But these days if you don’t get enough sleep the consequences will not only show on your face but also in how you feel the next day. You’ll be low energy, sluggish and cranky. Turn in a little early and give yourself some extra sleep to allow your body to relax and save energy for the next day. You’ll wake up feeling more alive than ever.

Drink more water
Staying hydrated is key to feeling energized and youthful. Proper hydration fuels your body for the day and helps you operate at maximum capacity so you can chase after your kids/grandkids/friends/dog and feel great. Beyond that, drinking water can also make you look younger. This is because when you are “dehydrated the body will pull water from your skin and tissue, making your skin less elastic and your eyes more sunken.”