Relationship Advice 8 Non-Sexual Ways to Build Intimacy in Bed-MainPhoto

Relationship Advice 8 Non-Sexual Ways to Build Intimacy in Bed-MainPhoto

The best relationship advice we can give you is to build as much intimacy as possible; and guess what? Intimacy goes far beyond sex. Think of it as a kind of language that you and your partner share, one that is built on trust, closeness, comfort and of course attraction. Since April 23 is Lovers’ Day, we thought we would impart some intimacy advice for the sake of healthy relationships. This day is also the feast day of St. George, a holiday given more emphasis in England and in certain other regions. It is the second most important National Feast in Catalonia, Spain, where the day is known as La Diada de Sant Jordi, and it is traditional to give a rose and a book to a loved one.

But Lovers’ Day isn’t really about sex; it’s about showing appreciation to your beloved. So we’re getting behind the idea of using this holiday as a way to build intimacy in your relationship. And what better place to do that than in bed? But as far as our relationship advice goes, we’re not talking sex; we’re talking about the non-sexual ways you can build intimacy in bed.

1. Get Your Snuggle On
Intimacy comes in many forms including physical closeness without sex. When it comes to relationship advice, sometimes a simple touch says a lot more about the relationship than the number of sexual positions tried or the frequency of the encounters. Relax with your SO and just enjoy being together.

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2. Sleeping Beauties
The number two reason to go to bed. In healthy relationships, sleeping with a partner demonstrates trust in the relationship and the person on the other side of the bed. Sleep is restful and restores vitality to the relationship, and leaves you in a great place for sex when you wake up.

3. Watch a Romantic Movie
This one falls under the “guilty pleasures” list. A romcom on the tube (swear you’ll never tell his buddies he watched) and a few forbidden chocolates with the one you love. What could be better?

4. Breakfast in Bed
Don’t wait for Mothers’ Day or your anniversary to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in bed. Make it simple: croissants, fruit, juice and coffee. If you’re worried about staining the duvet cover, spread a colorful sheet before plunking down the breakfast tray.


5. Up Your Messaging Game
It doesn’t have to be professional quality to be great. It’s a matter of giving and taking between couples, each providing non-sexual pleasure for the other. Some scented oils, soft lighting, crisp sheets and gentle pressure on the muscles will do the trick. Be sure, however, to return the favor.

6. Dreaming
Your mind needs to dream. The body uses dream time to sort the day’s activities into understandable and manageable segments. What didn’t make sense in a busy world has a way of making itself clear during the night.

7. Pillow Talk
Sex is great but healthy relationships need more than sex to maintain them. Intimacy is based on trust and friendship. Long talks in a cozy environment will strengthen a relationship as much as the mindbending sex will.

8. Pillow Fight
Beds and pillows are a natural combination. Feel like a kid again and have a pillow fight. No one gets hurt, everyone laughs and when things turn serious, you’re in the right place to enjoy Lovers’ Day for yourself.