If you want relationship advice, consider this: your libido’s forecast just announced that it won’t be just the weather that’ll be heating up this summer. These steamy months are not only the perfect time to recharge your batteries, but your love life as well. According to Men’s Health contributing writer Lisa Taddeo, women in the summertime, “want to have sex more often and more eagerly, especially in the late afternoon around 3, after we’ve been toasting on a beach for a few hours, or out on a city street wearing about 3 pounds less clothing than we were wearing a few months ago. Our skin is warmer now. It sweats and it’s both chapped and moist and every pore is open to receiving.”

When it comes to relationships, summer is about rejuvenation and exploring new adventures in life and in the bedroom. But why just limit yourselves to the bedroom? Why not try it under the stars in a tent? Or a skinny dip in desolate lake? Or simply all lubed up in the privacy of your shower? Here are 5 fun ways to spice up your sex this summer that will have you both tearing each other’s clothes off in no time.

1. Get Your Heart Pumping
Adrenaline helps increase your ability to be aroused, so take advantage of the warm weather and try riding roller coasters, skydiving, rock climbing, or some other pulse-boosting activity with your partner. The thrill serves as mental foreplay.

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2. Sweaty Betty
While getting frisky beneath the down comforter with the AC blasting is one option, try turning up the heat for even more thrills. Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., M.S.Ed., a sexual health and relationship experts, says “wet hair, slick bodies, and salty kisses adds to the intensity and makes your usual  routine seem extra exotic.” Post cool-down shower together is a must.

3. Experiment Like Scientists
Trying new things in bed, and out of it, stimulates dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a leading role in romance. Plan dates that are a little nutty and naughty. From exploring new neighborhoods, accepting social invitations outside you inner circle, sneaky sex in a dressing room—summer is about a sexy state of mind. The best relationship advice we have for you is to loosen up and have some fun.


4. Randy Raft
If you own a pool or find yourself alone together in a lake, we dare you to try this aquatic sex position featured in Cosmopolitan. On a well-inflated raft, lie on your stomach with your butt and legs dangling over the edge. Your man, standing in shallow water, should grab on to your thighs, and enter you. We told you it would be a hot summer.

5. Windows Wide Open
There’s nothing that fires up your inner exhibitionist more than leaving the window open while getting down to business. Not only are you increasing your chances of a gust of cool air cooling off your sweaty bodies, but it ramps up the thrill that you might be seen or heard. And if you are, big deal, it’s better than getting arrested for indecent exposure on the beach.