Have you ever wondered if you’ve been regifted? Have you ever been the perpetrator of an intentional re-gift? Do you know the re-gifting rules?

We’ve all been there. At some point during the year, someone is going to give you an absolutely awful gift; one that fits you…well, not at all. The tried and true method for resolving such dilemmas is to return the unwanted gift to the retailer where your friend or relative got it. But, that solution doesn’t always work for online orders, fruit cakes, the socks Tia Elena knitted for you, or the soap dish someone probably found at a garage sale.

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The solution is to re-gift! Give that possibly tacky, definitely unwanted gift to someone else. But, there’s a catch! Done properly, and with a certain amount of forethought on your part, re-gifting can save you time, money and hassle this holiday season. Done improperly, regifting can ruin relationships, give you the reputation of being a jerk, and otherwise make your life miserable.

First, let’s be clear on what regifting actually means. Wikipedia defines regifting as giving a gift you received from one person to another person, often disguised or presented as a new gift. The term seems to have its origin in an episode of NBC’s “Seinfeld,” when Jerry gets a label maker from his dentist that was given to the dentist by Jerry’s friend, Elaine. In the episode, Elaine refers to the dentist as a “regifter.”

The term quickly caught on. In the United States, there is even a National Regifting Day (it was December 18). In reality, the chances are pretty good that you’ve actually been regifted. So, without further ado, here are Mamiverse’s “8 Rules For Regifting.”