6. You Can Share your Skills with Your Family
It’s not just an adult activity—it’s a kid-friendly and family-friendly sport that you can enjoy with your little ones. You’ll bond as you learn together and you’ll grow close as you spend quality (and distraction-free) time on the boat. Kids benefit from being on a sailboat by learning spatial awareness, responsibility, an appreciation for nature.

7. You’ll Learn (and Encourage) Commitment and Responsibility
There is more to sailing than just the actual act of sailing. You need to learn to rig and unrig a boat. You need to learn to clean a boat. You need to practice basic maintenance and you need to take responsibility for your gear, your vessel and your time. Sailing is relaxing and a great way to unwind, but it’s also a commitment, and the ability to commit to a goal and see it through is a life skill we could all master.