4. You’ll Meet New People
Getting on sailboats is not just a hobby for many people; it’s a lifestyle and a community. Perhaps it’s because it takes time and effort to learn to sail, and because it also requires you spend a lot of time on a boat (and therefore in marinas and coastal areas), but boaters feel a sense of connection to one another. By learning to sail you’ll be expanding your social circle and meeting new, interesting people.

5. Your Self-Confidence Will Increase
When you sail a boat, you are literally piloting your own transportation craft. Most of us drive cars or can ride a bike, but sailing a boat is different. You learn to steer and navigate the water, you learn to read the weather and the wind, you have to trust your instincts and you often have no one to depend on but yourself. It instills a sense of self-confidence because above all, you need to believe in yourself.