12. Because it Nurtures Organization
Incorporating routine into regular play and activities builds good habits for life, like putting away a toy before pulling out a new one.

13. Because Routine is a Teacher
Routines often include opportunities for learning, such as a walk through a familiar grocery store as a platform for practicing language skills and naming objects along the way; or memorizing a song during a daily drive.

14. Because Routine Establishes Time
The regular arrival of weekends, seasons, and people in their lives helps children get a grasp of passage of time.

15. Because it Creates Remembrance
Since routines are repetitive, they assist infants in the building of memories.

16. Because it Creates Order
A routine has an indirect way of increasing a baby’s self-esteem, as she will grow more and more skilled at predicting what will happen next.

17. Because it Invites More Awareness
Routines include opportunities to foster mindfulness throughout the day. Since a routine activity doesn’t require advanced planning or special thought, you can instead invest the time in being really aware of your time together with your child and how it feels.

18. Because it Gives you Both Structure
Your baby loves routine because you do, and he senses that having a basic structure allows you both to enjoy your time together that much more.

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