10 Reasons to Donate During the Holidays-MainPhoto

10 Reasons to Donate During the Holidays-MainPhoto

UPDATED November 7th, 2017

Looking for reasons to donate money, time or needed items, during the holidays? Here are 10 good ones!

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    1. It’s not you. Sometimes, it takes seeing others whose circumstances are more difficult than ours to make us realize all that we have.
    2. It could be you. Many middle class and most working poor families are just one catastrophe—think job loss, accident or major illness—away from homelessness.
    3. It could be your loved one. That sick little boy could be your child. The homeless veteran could be your brother. The lonely woman in the nursing home could be your mom.
    4. It’s a tax write-off. It’s not the most selfless reason, but your donations of clothing, cash or a used car are all tax deductible. So get giving before the year’s end!
    5. It feels good. Plain and simple, it feels good to help others.
    6. It’s the right thing to do. Helping others in need is a fundamental part of being human, and an essential aspect of our humanity.
    7. You have more than enough. If you’ve had a prosperous year, give thanks by sharing some of your good fortune with others.
    8. You’re barely getting by. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you know how much even the smallest donation or act of kindness is worth. Pay it forward, even if it’s just a little bit.
    9. You’re teaching your children. Want to raise, kind, generous, thoughtful children? Be the kind of person you want them to become, and let them see you helping others.
    10. You’re making someone’s day. Whether it’s a hot meal, a toy to unwrap at Christmas, or a new/used coat to ward off the winter chill, your gift or donation is making someone’s day, and reminding him or her that love and goodwill really do still exist.

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